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by The Bad Light

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Noah Orlowski
Noah Orlowski thumbnail
Noah Orlowski An outstanding album by an outstanding band. It's terrible to hear the story behind the songs, but I think anyone would be so proud to have this music as part of their legacy.
Steve thumbnail
Steve I remember hearing "Hypathia" ;the 1st time some years ago and Bam! instant fan. I love the rawness of the early stuff but they've evolved as all great bands do & this new album is awesome. Hard to listen to without shedding a tear, so much pain & loss behind many of the songs. However it's this very deep emotion driving the music. The Bad Light are still Bad Ass🤘 Favorite track: I Walked Right In.
Steve Rodger
Steve Rodger thumbnail
Steve Rodger Such a great band I’ve loved for some time now, an album that reminds us what we have all had to come through the last while... Favorite track: I Walked Right In.
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Goodbye 06:52
Tell me, tell me, what all to do? To be left behind with your roots to the earth. We were barely, barely born, barely ripples in a pond, barely aware of what we were. You were saying, I’d really like to know, why does every point of light need to be so far apart? And why emptiness gotta be so big? And I?… I just want you to be alright
I Walked Right In I walked right in, I walked right in, walk right in, to that one… never again will I let you do me like you did then, I walked right in, I walked right in, to a gun fight with an empty hand, never again, will I let you call me a friend, I walked right in to that one. There you are same as you have been, I’ve done all I can yet I find myself here again, never again. I walked right in to that one, I walked right in to a gun fight with an empty hand…( Celeste )
No Comfort 03:34
Look naw, I been looking around, I know I’v been here before, I remember now, there’s nothing here for me to stand on this floor. Who naw, who sits around, sits around waiting after the wild calls? It would take an army of rattlesnake strikes for me not to crawl on these walls. Look naw, Iv been introspectively calm, silently charging and bleeding out to ground, I’m not saying this life was never for me, but comfort stale and dull Ain’t no comfort at all…
I see ya trying to keep it all in your pocket, you know that ain’t right at all, I know you really think you earned it all on your own but you just didn’t look and count all the shoulders you are on, and you know that ain’t right. I see power, trynna strangle hold, divide and conquer, funny how money it always has a voice but hearts go on aching and trying not to choke, and you know that ain’t right. I can’t remember being innocent, unguarded or simple, I’ve been trying to hide, trying to get my head right but bad news keeps coming and stealing my wonder for life, and you know that ain’t right
Coming in here it goes, waves of bits go past and I’m so slow to load, so slow to grasp. Seems like it’s all much to care about, too fast to love, too shallow to last. Go on and go, I’ll be on my own, maybe I’m slow, maybe I just wanna crash. Infinite inputs and I’m so slow.
Transmission 01:07
Scars 02:42
Scars Oh, what have you done? With all the years that have come and gone, bones bleached white by the sun show you what’s to come. Each day break brings you pain, still you wake again, the shadows become your friends and your days on the run come to an end It’s the end… Life is hard, life is hard sometimes But when it scars you know it gets better All the scars show you it gets better… (Celeste)
Eva 05:10
Can I catch a ride? Catch a ride on your shoulders, I’ve been stranded here for too long and I’d really like to get going, I was looking for my friend, she died the other morning, she was skin and bone and mountains were burning. She said we met in a dream, I remembered once she told me, I’d like to live in that dream, I miss her crazy stories. Time to say goodbye, I didn’t know it was the last time, she was all doped up and I didn’t even get to hold her. Hospitals got paid, all got paid, and Shamans worked on her soul, on her soul, but there were no funerals in the time of COVID, just out the door and gone, gone, gone. Out the door and gone, Eva, it left a scar on my heart…


-About this album-
Sitting down to write these liner notes for posterity, I am struggling to convey what the world felt like in the period in which we wrote and arranged these songs. Starting in 2020, people were dying around the world and family and friends were getting sick with COVID and we really knew nothing much about it other than we should avoid being around other humans. We had all watched police unabashedly murder George Floyd and the subsequent marches for justice around the country and the world were at a high boiling point, all while the orange clown in the White House and his circle of bootlickers where working overtime to fan the flames of division. And in California, where we live, mountains were on fire... red sun, green yellow skies choked with ash.
On the morning of August 27th, 2020, under this yellow haze I got the call I had been dreading for two plus years... our friend Celeste, had passed away. Cervical cancer, slow and relentless had finally wore her down and snatched her away from our lives.
This album is about all of these things but primarily it is a loving tribute to our friend and bandmate Celeste.
Two of the songs on here are phone recordings Celeste made on her own. "I Walked Right In" is from around late 2017 and "Scars" is from around early 2020. If memory serves me right, she sent me this recording around the time she had finished the final round of chemo and the cancer had aggressively returned. This song, breaks me every time I hear it...
We have attempted to arrange the album not only to honor Celeste's songs but also to try and end it on a positive and loving note that we hope resonates with anyone going through the process of losing a loved one.
We love and miss you Celeste! The awesome power you were in life will resonate in our hearts until our last day!


released August 27, 2022

The Bad Light is:
Eduardo Cerro-guitar, vocals
Dana Shepard- drums
Chloë Menkes- vocals
‘Goodbye”, “No Comfort”, “Ain’t right”, “slow Computer” and “Eva” were written and performed by The Bad Light
“I walked right in” and “scars” were written and performed by Celeste Deruisa.
Goodbye was recorded at The Compound recordings, in Felton Ca between November 2021 and March 2022.
Engineered by: Joe Clements and Henry Chadwick
Produced by: Joe Clements, Henry Chadwick and The Bad Light
Mastering by: Joe Lambert
Album art and layout by: Edu Cerro


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The Bad Light Santa Cruz, California

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