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by The Bad Light

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Mercy 05:22
I can feel nerve endings awake Pins and needles gently crawling my veins Storms are brewing but my head's not awake Things ain't looking like they are going my way Shapes are moving but my head's not awake Shit ain't looking like they is going my way I see solace will die here today Going sideways and I ain't got no say I can feel rumblings coming my way I can see you've got something to say Lips are moving, my heart's gonna break Soft words that will hit like an earthquake I can see you are leaving today I can feel the tsunami on the way I know better than stand in your wake But my pride knows no self preservation I can take any beating this world sends my way but words from your lips can just blow me away... Goddamn Mercy I can see big decisions were made I suppose they was all for the best I'll pay dearly for every mistake Turning churning them around in my head Reckon some day everything will seem fair It'l take a mountain of downers to get my head there Goddamn Mercy
The Feels 05:11
-The Feels- I can be a warm sun Let my rays only shine on your grace I can be bedrock Let you stand on my spine all your days I can be ocean Gently shallow or brutally deep Loyal devotion Let me drown in all that you need But I can't connect with nothing real My love, so sweet, it keeps me innocent and blind My heart, it beats but it can't find somewhere to be at peace I got the feels ...and I just want to be your moon Glint your eye when the heavens are dark but this distant satellite wont receive your transmissions at all and I can't connect with nothing real My love, so sweet, it keeps me innocent and blind My heart, it beats but it can't find somewhere to be at peace This morning's sun is stepping on my head and I know better than to fuck with it I should take this choke from around my neck but it feels like real Fuck the world I got the feels
--An Open Letter Of Unconditional Love-- Lovely broken wretched thing try to look alive This world is hungry and prepared to eat It's young oooh baby, get up and move around The wolves will come and lick your wounds but then eat you alive What a golden little thing to be curious and thrive One discovered little world can lead you to the stars oooh baby, but the price can be so high For every stone that we turn some innocence must die Was it always so much ache to be free and no one bound No one reigns your fragile heart no one waiting at your door oooh baby, lay your weapons to the floor All the empires that you built have always been at war Bring your wolves on home Did you have to swallow pride, cash in some of your soul? Did the jackals go and take what wasn't theirs to hold? oooh baby, there's no judgement in his court Every traveler has a path, hope yours leads back to my door Bring your wolves on home Home
- GOODSHIT- To me, you look tailor made for sin and I bet you make angels fall and mothers weep N' I can smell blood fragrant with your promises and sho' nuff I got flaws that make me crave such things but I know you bring lightning strikes and crippled knees Goodshit is got a hold on me Now be sweet and take me where you go Cus' all you got is all I wanna be and when you leave and leave me hollowed out Let every cell in every saint sing Goodshit is got a hold on me Where you go is where I wanna be and all you are is all I wanna be...
LOOKING TO FIND I'v been scattered for so long, drifting in and out of form Not a tendril sweet to hold not a tendon latched to bone I was swimming through dark oceans, didn't know there was a shore Till I'd seen that you'd been hollering, lighting fires into stone I'm looking to find I was sleeping on my mind and didn't see your diamonds shine They were hidden in a whisper spoken back when time began I'm looking to find Write it on my heart, I'll wear it on my sleeve I'm looking to find I'm looking to find my I'm looking to find my way I'm looking to find my way around I'm looking to find my way around you I'm looking to find my way around your sun


A series of demos we have been recording


released May 5, 2018

The Bad Light is:

Edu Cerro- Guitar, Vocals
Dana Shepard- Drums
Celeste Deruisa- Vocals

Recorded at the Compound in Felton CA
Engineered by Joe Clements


all rights reserved



The Bad Light Santa Cruz, California

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